UI Update # 2

UI Update I’ve continued to vastly improve the game’s temp A.I. I’m proud to say that the game has now upgraded from “Super Shady” UI to “Not as shady UI”! I updated more menu options, more specifically: Inventory Menu Leveling Menu Equipment Menu Automata Menu A.I. System Menu With those last components complete, I plan […]

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UI Update and Sounds!

Updating The UI So currently I’ve been in the process of updating all of the game’s UI. I purchased a few assets from the unity asset store and itch.io and am using them to get the game as close to a legit looking product as I possibly can with both free and cheap assets. I […]

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Cutscenes I completed the basic Cutscene system! Currently I can use picture objects in precreated scenes with dialogue events in order to convey events and progress the story. The system was super easy to create and involves using a character object with an animator that contains a bunch of animations. I can use ork to […]

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Respawning Resources Done MVP for re-spawning resources are complete! Now, I have a framework for creating items in the game that regenerate after collection after a specified period of time. Currently the time is based on 20 seconds in Game Time, meaning the number of seconds that the game has been running (which is all […]

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Migrating the Blog

Hello all, this will be the first blog post on this site. But technically, I’ve been blogging my progress since maybe early 2016. This blog will contain all of the past accumulated blogs up until the point. Here’s a comprehensive list of past blog posts and blog related activities: Prior I’ve been working on Immortal […]

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